Triumph Mixtures & Blends

Triumph Bluegrass Blend

A high quality mixture of top performing proprietary Kentucky bluegrass varieties provides a beautiful dark green lawn.

Triumph Sport Mixture

Suitable for:
• Commercial turf areas
• General turf and home lawns
• Sports turf
• Sunny areas
• High traffic areas

Triumph Low-Gro Mixture

Low maintenance mix of proprietary hard, chewings, and creeping red fescues for use in sun or shade. Attractive yield yet ideal for harsh sites and nursery rows.

Triumph GLR Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Mixture of top performing “GLR” varieties. Very high quality.

Triumph Tall Fescue Blend

Mixture of top performing varieties. Wear tolerant, drought tolerant, attractive dark green turf. Does well in sun or shade.

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