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Barricade 0.48% on DG Pro SGN 150

Preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Contains prodiamine.

50 lbs. covers 14,200 sq. ft.  

Battleship III Broadleaf Control

Post emergent broadleaf weed control in turf with MCPA, Tryclopyr, Floroxipyr, surfactant, water conditioner. Over 200 weeds. No odor. Controls many difficult weeds.

2.5 gallons covers 6.7 acres @ 1.1 oz rate

Endrun Herbicide

Post emergent broadleaf weed control in turf with 2,4-D, MCPP, Dicamba, surfactant, water confitioner. Low odor. Lower rate when compared to other products due to surfactant.

2.5 gallons covers 6.7 acres @ 1.1 oz rate

Ranger Pro 41% Glyphosate w/Surfactant

Kills weeds & grasses. Great for preparing flower beds, vegetable/ornamental gardens, renovating lawns. Complete, “to-the-root” control in 2 – 4 weeks.

2.5 gallons covers 63,000 sq. ft.

Dismiss Herbicide

Kills nutsedge, kyllinga & many broadleaf weeds. Contains sulfentrazone.

4 to 8 ounces per acre (6 oz./bottle)

Snapshot on DG Pro SGN 100

Selective pre-emergent herbicide (Trifluralin + Isoxaben) for pre-emergent control of broadleaf & annual grasses in ornamental and nursery plantings for 6-8 months. Not for sale in NY.

25 lbs. covers 7,100 sq. ft.


Mesotrione for systemic pre & postemergent selective & residual control of many grassy and broaleaf weeds in turf. Prior to seeding, during renovation, or on established turf.

5 – 8 oz. in 30 gallons of water (8 oz. bottle)

Trammel 5% of DG Pro SGN 150

A selective, preemergent herbicide (Trifluralin) for many grass and several broadleaf weeds for approx. 60 days. 80 lbs./acre.

40 lbs. covers 22,000 sq. ft.

Trimec Lawn Weed Control Granules

Broadleaf weed control w/Trimec on a specialized carrier that stays on weeds for improved control.

20 lbs. covers 10,000 s. ft.

Q4 Plus

Fast post-emergent crontrol of grassy weeds such as crabgrass & foxtail as well as broadleaf weeds & green nutsedge on well established lawns.

1 gallon covers approx. 1/2 acre

Kinetic Surfactant

Nonionic wetter/spreader/penetrant/adjuvant. For rapid spreading & absorption. Can be used for water penetration of hard-to-wet-soils.

6 oz./100 gallons (one quart bottles)


DuoCide G on DG Pro SGN 150

Contains Bifenthrin and Carbaryl for broad spectrum multi-mode insect control – above & below ground, preventative & curative.

40 lbs. covers 20,000 sq. ft.

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions as the rates provided are a guide & will vary with site conditions. Only apply as allowed by regulations for your area.

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