Pro Grade Fertilizers

Prof. 24-0-11 w/50% NS-54 3% Fe 1.11% Sulfur

Phosphorous free. 50% NS-54 polymer coated sulfur coated urea (controlled release nitrogen, plus iron & sulfur.)

50 lbs. covers 12,500 sq. ft. SGN 215

W & F 16-0-8 w/1.14% Escalade/25% NS-54

Phosphorous free fertilizer plus broadleaf weed control with Escalade (2,4-D, fluroxypyr, dicamba) & poly coated slow release nitrogen.

40 lbs. covers 12,000 sq. ft. SGN150

Prof. 19-0-6 w/.164% Dimension, 25% NS-54

Pre & early post-emergent control of crabgrass. Also controls or suppresses many other grassy & broadleaf weeds.

50 lbs. covers 12,000 sq. ft. SGN 215

Prof. 18-0-5 w/.225% Allectus 40% NS-54

Allectus controls both subsurface & surface insects. Not for golf courses & sod farms. Imidacloprid & bifenthrin.

50 lbs. covers 17,800 sq. ft. SGN 215

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