Premium Mixtures

Green Turf Fescue Plus Mixture

Versatile, durable, and highly attractive. Provides a dense, dark green turf for residential and commercial sites in sun or shade, under high or low maintenance, even under droughty conditions. Will withstand high traffic and is well adapted for use on sports fields.

Green Turf Sun & Shade Mixture

This highly adaptable mixture will provide a top quality, attractive, dark green, durable turf under widely varying conditions, even under lower maintenance. This mixture is fast and easy to establish and withstands traffic well.

Green Turf Sunny Mixture

Designed to provide a beautiful, dense, dark green attractive turf in full sun. This mixture will benefit greatly from irrigation as needed and higher fertility, and will withstand a moderate amount of traffic.Ideal for highly visible residential or commercial sites.

Green Turf Shady Mixture

Ideal for providing a dense, dark green, highly attractive turf under shaded conditions. It is also adapted for use in the sun, particularly on lower maintenance sites. It is fairly easy to establish. It is not designed for areas that receive heavy traffic.

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