Hydroseeding Supplies

Pro Matrix Engineered Fiber Matrix

High loading rates 60 lbs./100 gallons or water.  Rapid cure time (4-24 hours).  Lasting soil protection, up to 12 months.  Aids in quick germ/establishment.  Thermally refined wood fibers, interlocking crimped poly fibers, biopolymer/water absorbants, wetting agents, micro-pore granules.


Processed newspaper, less fines reduces mache effect, mixes fast, stays in suspension, dark green.

Profile Blend

Better erosion control than paper, holds more water than wood mulch. With UltraGro BioStimulant. Dark Green.

Tacking Agent 3

No cure time. Contains polyacrylamide. Hydro-colloid polymers enhance soil-fiber bond, reducing erosion/runoff. Increases mulch water holding capacity. Contains marker dye.

Floc Loc

Polyacrylamide for a viscous slurry, improves shooting distance and suspension.

NeutraLime Dry

Quickly improves soil pH in the seed germination zone, mixes easily in the tank.


For curb appeal and to assist in application. PAM added to act as a hose slickifier to increase shooting.

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