Ease Of Establishment


Seeding Rate – 8 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. or 350 Lbs./acre

Germination Time:  7 – 14 days

Tall Fescues are relatively easy to establish.  The seedlings sprout quickly and fill in at a rapid pace.  The exception to this is that Tall Fescues prefer warm soils and can feel a bit slow to establish when the soils are cold, as in early spring.   Tall Fescues are often chosen for sites that receive heavy traffic, but these grasses need to be fully established before they can stand up to heavy use.


Seeding Rate – 7 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. or 300 Lbs./acre

Germination Time:  5 – 7 days

Perennial Ryegrasses are quick to germinate and have a tenacious seedling that establishes rapidly.  They are a good choice when quick results are essential.  Perennial Ryegrasses are often used in combination with other grasses that are slower to establish, but they must be used in the proper combinations as they are so aggressive that at too high a percentage, they will out-compete and eliminate the slower grasses in the mixture.


Seeding Rate – 5 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. or 225 Lbs./acre

Germination Time:  7 – 14 days

Fine Fescues germinate quickly, but they are somewhat slow to fill in and establish.  This varies between the different kinds of Fine Fescues, but as a group they are known to be slow growing.  This slow rate of growth can be a great benefit under the right circumstances, but can make the establishment period lengthy.


Seeding Rate:  3 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. or 130 Lbs./acre

Germination Time:  14 – 21 days

Kentucky Bluegrasses are notoriously slow to germinate and establish.   While some varieties establish more quickly than others, they all take a longer time relative to other turfgrasses.  For this reason they are often used in combination with quicker to establish Perennial Ryegrasses and/or Fescues.

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